Looking For A Quality Herd Sire?Check Out Our Bulls! We Have Mature Bulls, Calves, And Now Red Gene Carrier Calves!Our Seedstock Has Some Of The Best Bloodlines!

Here at Monocacy Lowlines we are home to a few great bulls with excellent bloodlines. We feature EZ Tyson 25T. He is a Fairwyns Machine son, Fullblood, very thick, but not to big. He has produced some excellent calves in his tenure at our farm He is a get the job done kinda bull. He stands about 44 inches tall, 1200 lbs, and an extreme sweetheart.  Our other mature red bull "Waldo Red". has been a pleasure to have here. His calves are thick and hearty. Recently we added another yearling red bull "Red Bandit" We are looking forward to see his progeny. At this time we have a some breeding stock bulls for sale as well. The great thing about these bulls, is that they are so docile. You dont see that trait in other breeds!

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